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Sep 21, 2016

Behind the Name: Suno Henna

I've been asked at different festivals what the name Suno  (pronounced Soo-no) means.  When I was little, my younger sister had difficulty pronouncing my name (Susan) and ended up calling me Suno instead.  So I've been Suno to family ever since.  When searching for an easily understood business name and instagram moniker, SunoHenna fit the bill.

Aug 17, 2015

Your Henna Stain

Natural henna will stain the darkest on the palms and soles of your feet followed by hands, feet, wrists, ankles.  Henna on your body will still stain, but it will be much lighter.  Why do you ask?  It is because the henna soaks into your skin and the thicker your skin is, the darker the stain will be because there is more skin to soak through.  Pretty cool right?  

Once you get home with your henna paste intact, and the time comes to scratch it off (6 hours later).  Don't be worried if it looks bright orange (photo at left).  The stain needs to take 12-48 hours to fully oxidize and darken. The photo on the right is 24 hours old.  The longer you leave on the henna paste, the better and longer your artwork will last, so practice patience.